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The Cancer Support Foundation (formerly known as The Cancer Outpatients Appeal) is a community volunteer based charity, committed to fundraising and advocating for  the enhancement of the provision of cancer related clinical and support services, locally, to residents of the southern Shoalhaven.



The Cancer Outpatients Appeal was formed in 2003 for the specific purpose of establishing the Milton-Ulladulla Community Cancer Services Centre in the
grounds of Milton-Ulladulla Hospital. It has recently evolved to now bew known as the Cancer Support Foundation of Milton Ulladulla.

Our vision was that the centre, be staffed and managed by Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District (ISLHD) through its Cancer and Haematology Network. It would offer local outpatient chemotherapy and blood management and infusion services, together with consultants’ rooms, training rooms and a range of related services, to benefit southern Shoalhaven patients, their families, and carers.

In July 2008, the committee of the then COA, with financial support from Federal and State governments, and an immense contribution from the local community, handed over the fully equipped centre to ISLHD.

Today, and into the future,  the CSF has an ongoing relationship with ISLHD and the Illawarra Shoalhaven Cancer and Haematology Network, in the operation of the Cancer Services Centre.

The CSF has a twofold commitment:

– to contribute to funding the replacement of medical and patient care equipment, and funding aspects of maintenance of the building.

– to provide funds for ancillary services and programs for the benefit of the centre’s patients and their carers.

Since the cancer centre opened in 2008 the CSF spent approximately $15,000 per annum on these services.

– CSF pays for patient transport costs

– CSF pays for wellness therapy services -yoga massage etc

– CSF pays for lawn mowing services

– CSF provides and maintains a wig lending service

Other Activities:


Aa part of the COA’s vision for the facilitation and provision of cancer support services, the Men’s Health and Cancer Support Service conducts a regular meeting and networking mechanism for men (and their partners) to come together in mutual support, to discuss issues and listen to guest speakers.


The COA’s vision recognises the link between cancer services and the  provision of palliative care,  and to that end, in 2017, the CSF contributed in excess of $675,000 to the establishment and fit-out of the new palliative care ward and associated family accommodation facilities at Milton Hospital.

About us


The CSF (formally COA) was formed in 2003 for the specific purpose of establishing a cancer services centre at Milton Hospital. The COA committee managed the project, and in a financial collaboration with both Federal and State governments, with overwhelming community financial and in-kind support, the fully equipped $1.4 million centre was opened in July 2008.

Since its inception, the CSF has been the conduit for community donation and fundraising to the extent of in excess of $2 million, (before Government grants)

In 2017 the COA contributed in excess of $675,000 toward the creation and fit-out of the new Milton Hospital Palliative Care ward, which provides 2 x patient  rooms, each with an attached family room.

Road View Milton Cancer Outpatients Cottage
Milton Cancer Outpatients Cottage
Access Milton Cancer Outpatients Cottage
Porch at Milton Cancer Outpatients Cottage
Courtyard Milton Cancer Outpatients Cottage

In 2018 the CSF formed the Men’s Health and Cancer Support Group.

In 2019 the CSF replaced 4 chemotherapy delivery chairs at a total cost of $25,500

In 2019 the CSF installed defibrillator units in the main streets of Milton and Ulladulla , cost $5,500

In 2019 the CSF purchased 2 portable oxygenator units, costing $9,000 , for use by patients who would otherwise be confined to home or hospital.

In 2020 the CSF paid for the full repainting of the interior of the Cancer Centre at a cost of $25,500

The CSF currently funds ongoing direct support services for the Cancer Centre’s patients and their carers.


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The CSF’s achievements are only possible through the dedication of the committee and members and the generosity of our community, by way of its response to the CSF’s fundraising activities, and by way of patients’ appreciation of  the services they and their families have received in the Cancer Centre.

The CSF has many regular donors – individuals, local clubs and associations, and very supportive local businesses who generously respond to requests for products, services and sponsorships.

Other sources of donations include..

Donations in memory of friends and loved ones who may have benefitted from the Cancer Centre’s services, or even Palliative Care.

Bequests from patients’ estates, which signify gratitude and appreciation of care services, and from which the COA is enabled to provide an ongoing benefit
to future patients.


    • Is an Incorporated Association    ABN 56417978632
    • Is a registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not-For Profits Commission
    • Is registered with the Australian Tax Office as a Health Promotion Charity
    • Is a tax deductible gift recipient – Donations over $2 are tax deductible
    • Is registered for GST
    • Is a licenced charitable fundraising entity – Licence number CFN1851

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